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Did you know that approximately every three minutes a burglary happens in Canada? What can you do to avoid falling victim? A professionally installed home protection system by S3 Canada LTD will protect you, your family and your home and at the same time make you one-third less likely of being victimized by burglary. It is for that reason more people are looking to S3 Canada LTD to keep their families safe.

A home protection system by S3 Canada LTD means peace of mind. Here are some simple tips that will not only help protect you and your family, but your entire neighbourhood as well.

  • Advertise: Let the bad guys know that you are protected by displaying your yard sign and by placing the decals in your window so that they are visible. Chances are that they will think again.
  • Throw it out yourself: When you go out and make any major purchases (computer, large screen TV, home theater system), take the boxes to the dump your self. Many people leave the boxes for the garbage man to take away, but for the few days that the boxes sit outside your home, the bad guys know that you have some new toys.
  • Trim your shrubs: Burglars are looking for places to lurk. Don’t give them any hiding spots. Thieves don’t want to be seen, so make it harder for them to hide.
  • Secure your tool shed: By not protecting your tool shed, you might as well give the criminal a set of keys to your home. Opportunity is what the bad guys are looking for. Make it less attractive for a thief.
  • LIGHTS,LIGHTS, LIGHTS: Having outdoor lights setup with motion sensor will help deter would-be thieves since your light will turn on when approaching your home. When away for a lengthy period of time, indoor lights can be set to timers to make it appear that you are home.
  • House Checks: Have someone you trust check on your home when you are away for extended periods. This creates the illusion that there is still someone occupying your home. Would-be thieves will not see your newspapers and mail deliveries piling up.

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